This is the current price list for Sith-Aigean.


Please note that on the first session a full consultation of your health and lifestyle will be completed before treatment is given so allow extra time in your busy schedule for this. Any further appointments a quick update of this will be completed.



Treatment                                 Price


Kinetic Chain Release                  £40

Connective Tissue Release           £50

Colour Therapy                          £30

Ear Candling                              £17

Ear candling with face massage   £20

Reflexology                               £30

Advanced Reflexology                £35

Deep Relaxation Therapy           £25



Choose the length of massage you would like to receive. Let me work between different forms of massage to suit your needs or choose between- Aromatherapy, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Pregnancy, Sports, Indian Head, Trigger Point and Acupressure.


20 minutes (1area)                     £15

40 minutes (1 or 2 areas)            £25

60 minutes (1-2 areas/ full body) £35

90 minutes (full body)                £50

2 hours (full body)                     £60 


Eve Taylor Facials


Express Facial                            £25

Essential Facial                          £32

Intensive Facial                         £40

Intensive Facial + back massage £48

Winter Rescue Facial                  £35

Modern Man Facial                     £32

Yule tide de-stress treatment      £30



Relax Kids per class                   £6

Relax Kids 6 week block             £30

Just Relax per class                   £6

Just Relax 6 week block             £30

Shibashi per class                     £6

Shibashi 8 week block               £40

Transformative meditation         £6

Breathe                                   Donation