Eve Taylor Facial


Eve Taylor is the founder of the Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy and is regarded as a pioneer of modern aromatherapt by professional skincare therapists worldwide.

Eve has been trading since 1963, giving her more than 5 decades in the industry.

She does not believe in testing on animals and ensures her products are free from synthetic fillers, mineral oils, lanolin, SD alcohol and artificial fragrances.


The benfits of having a facial include nourishing your skin and the underlying structures. Skin becomes soft, pliable, toned and refined. Improving the skins general texture and appearance. Nerves can become soothed and relaxed, stress reduced and promoting an increased well-being.




** TAO means Treatment Add Ons.

TAO include-

# Scalp massage

# Eye firming masque    # Lip revitalising masque

# Hand exfoliation    # Hand massage

# Foot exfoliation    # Foot massage


OUR CURRENT SPECIAL FACIAL IS "THE EVE TAYLOR SKIN QUENCHING FACIAL." This 60 minute facial treatment has been specially designed and formulated using advanced Eve Taylor products to help nurture and nourish your skin after a holiday in the sun. It is also perfect for during those long winter months to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Only £35  


There must be a minimum of 2 weeks between and aesthetic procedure and facial treatment. ( Aesthetic procedures include- Wrinkle reduction injections, dermal fillers ans chemical peels.) Also please let me know if you have eye lash extensions as some products are not suitable for use by those with eye lash extensions.